Nintendo’s insanely beautiful Zelda booth in pictures

Nintendo’s booth at E3 this year is a one of a kind, especially since it has been designed from the ground up for the latest in the Zelda franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Feast your eyes on this thing of beauty that is the Nintendo E3 booth as we strive to get as much gameplay and tidbits of information about this long-awaited game directly from the big-N itself.

The gameplay demo starts with about a two-minute trailer of sorts highlighting different gameplay mechanics–cooking, rock climbing, finding flint, attacking–then the screen opens up (yes, that’s correct), and players walk through the doors into the closest facsimile of Hyrule so far.

On one side of the experience, a life-sized Link sprouts up to fire an arrow into a Guardian, while there’s also a section with a Bokoblin on a 15-foot tall guard tower. In one corner is the Temple of Time, complete with vines growing up its ancient columns, while another corner has a few new enemies roasting some meat over a glowing fire. There’s even a cooking pan with mushrooms bouncing up and down just like the gameplay trailer.

Take a look at the gallery for images from Hyrule itself!

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