Mario Party: Star Rush announced for Nintendo 3DS

UPDATE: Nintendo demonstrated live gameplay of “Mario Party: Star Rush” during the second day of Nintendo Treehouse Live coverage at E3, which showed off a game mode called Toad Scramble. This mode confirms the claim that players all roll dice at the same time, rather than taking turns on the game board, and in the case of this mode, where everyone controls a Toad, they aim to accrue Coins and Stars, along with recruiting allies (i.e. familiar “Mario” series personalities that are playable in the main gameplay) to score more dice blocks to roll. Another big focus in “Mario Party: Star Rush” is battling bosses, with Giant Goomba, King Boo and King Bob-Omb all demonstrating different co-operative boss battle capabilities as players compete for more Stars.

Original report follows:


Nintendo opted out of a traditional E3 press conference yet again this year, and didn’t even present their traditional digital keynote at this year’s expo! This has seen a couple of stealthy announcements sneaking under the radar, one of which is for an entirely new game!

MP - ArtThe Big N quietly announced Mario Party: Star Rush during their E3 circuit today, an all-new Mario Party game that’s coming to Nintendo 3DS later this year. The big hook with this new installment, which follows former Nintendo 3DS Mario Party game, Mario Party: Island Tour, is that every player moves simultaneously, rather than individually taking turns on the game board. This seems to more effectively suit a portable gaming environment, and would appear to indicate that Mario Party: Star Rush will emphasize speedy, likely online-friendly multiplayer game sessions.

Mario Party: Star Rush launches on November 4th of this year.

Currently, not many details are known about Mario Party: Star Rush, but keep rolling Eggplante for all major news and updates on Mario Party.