3DS eShop gem, BoxBoy is getting a follow-up soon

Speaking at their Nintendo Treehouse Live E3 broadcast today, Nintendo unveiled a follow-up to last year’s very well-received 3DS eShop puzzler, BoxBoyBoxBoxBoy, a sequel to the original game that was made available in Japan this past January, is officially headed West, and even better, Western gamers won’t have long to wait for it, as the game releases on the 3DS eShop on June 30th, in just a couple of weeks!

BB2 - GameplaySome gameplay was shown off for BoxBoxBoy, the main hook of which has players able to use more than one set of boxes to solve puzzles. This means that generating a limited amount of additional boxes to weigh down switches both horizontally or vertically, with players having to manage knowing when to spawn boxes for puzzles, and when to spawn them for exploration. The game will also boast extra Challenge Stages that give players a limited amount of boxes to use in order to solve especially tough puzzles, putting the most hardcore of players to the test!

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