OFFICIAL: First three Dead Rising games coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Capcom’s zombie-massacring Dead Rising series is observing its tenth anniversary this year, and rather unsurprisingly, leaked evidence recently surfaced that the original three Dead Rising games made for last-gen consoles were going to be getting the current-gen remaster treatment soon. Today, Capcom confirmed the news, announcing that Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are being remastered and re-released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in about a month’s time, on September 13th!

DR - GameplayThis will be most exciting for PlayStation gamers, since, in the case of the original Dead Rising, this will be the first time that the game is being made available on a PlayStation platform. Capcom has announced that Dead Rising will receive a brand new PC version via Steam on September 13th as well, to go along with the existing PC versions of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. When Dead Rising first released in 2006, it was a specially designed exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, and thus never saw a PlayStation 3 release or former PC release, despite downscaled specialty versions of Dead Rising eventually releasing on Nintendo’s Wii console, as well as various mobile devices, including Apple’s iOS devices of the time. Dead Rising 2 and its offshoot, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record however had no such Microsoft exclusivity deal in place, and thus, released simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in their original incarnations.

The remasters of the three Dead Rising games will be sold as separate digital purchases for $19.99 USD/$24.99 CDN on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store, or can be bought together in a bundle for a combined $59.99 USD/$74.99 CDN. They will include all three of the games’ DLC costumes in their entirety, and will boost the presentation to native 1080p HD resolution, and full 60fps game performance. These remasters will also precede the all-new sequel, Dead Rising 4, which will launch as a timed Microsoft exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC’s on December 6th of this year. Strangely, it seems that Dead Rising 3 is being left out of the 10th anniversary celebration for now, despite continued demands by PlayStation gamers to see the game ported to PlayStation 4. Dead Rising 3 originally released as an Xbox One launch title in late 2013, and expanded to Windows PC’s the following year, though still has yet to release on Sony’s console, much to the chagrin of series fans that exclusively game on PlayStation devices.DR2 - Art

The original Dead Rising places players in control of photo-journalist, Frank West, who becomes trapped in Willamette, Colorado’s largest shopping center, Willamette Mall, which sees hordes of zombies invade the premises. Players have to gather evidence about the zombie conspiracy by observing events and taking photographs, as well as use whatever objects are at their disposal to fight off zombies, rescue survivors, and battle against boss enemies called ‘Psychopaths’. Dead Rising 2 presents a similar premise and gameplay style, though instead places players in control of a new protagonist, Chuck Greene, within a new location, Fortune City, a Las Vegas-like adult amusement center that has seen a similar zombie invasion. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record re-imagines Dead Rising 2’s updated gameplay and setting from the perspective of Frank West, who returns and travels to Fortune City for the new zombie outbreak.

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