Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl to cross over in hour-long event this season

With The CW dominating television headlines with its very successful DC Television Universe crossover episodes after the past couple of seasons, and looking to do it again with a first-ever four-show crossover event this December, it looks like FOX doesn’t want to be left out of the fun with their own programming slate this season. The network made the surprising announcement today that police-themed sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and ‘adorkable’ roommate-themed sitcom, New Girl will cross over this October, in an hour-long event that will tie the two shows into the same universe, and have their casts interacting with one another.

B99 - CastThe event will see back-to-back episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl air on Tuesday, October 11th, with the first half being a new Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode at 8:00 P.M. EST that will guest star characters from New Girl, and the second half being a new New Girl episode at 8:30 P.M. EST that will guest star characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Speaking about the crossover event, which FOX claims they will provide more details for at a later date, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s executive producer, Dan Goor jokingly stated that the next step is to have the characters host FOX News and connect for a touchdown on FOX NFL Sunday, before sincerely stating that he’s very excited to be working with the talented folks at New Girl for the event. Creator and executive producer of New Girl, Elizabeth Meriwether, meanwhile, jokingly brought up hilariously ill-advised crossovers from the 80’s, such as the Alf/Gilligan’s Island crossover, and that she looks forward to disappointing everyone.NG - Cast

FOX has actually crossed their sitcoms over on more than one occasion before, though only in the animated space. The Simpsons and Family Guy formally crossed over in a special episode event last season, after repeatedly making reference to each other potentially sharing a universe in several throwaway jokes, and beforehand, FOX also crossed The Simpsons over with creator, Matt Groening’s now-cancelled sci-fi sitcom, FuturamaFamily Guy has also had brief crossover turns with wrapped animated sitcom, King of the Hill, and, most bizarre of all, Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin was featured in an episode of FOX’s long-running forensics serial, Bones, which will air its final season soon. Bones also crossed over with Sleepy Hollow last season, marking FOX’s previous effort at a live-action crossover for two shows that were otherwise not linked at all, but for two dramas in that instance.

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