Third Wolverine movie receives an official title, first poster

Now that 20th Century Fox’s third Wolverine movie is just six months away from release, we finally know what the Marvel-licensed sequel will be called. The movie, rather simply, will be titled ‘Logan‘, and doesn’t seem to contain any X-Men or Wolverine branding at all. This might seem unusual at first, though a script page that was posted online by director, James Mangold might tip fans off as to why; This will, as rumoured, be a hard R-rated movie for 20th Century Fox’s normally firmly PG-13 X-Men movie universe, as evidenced by some severe violence, and blatant f-bombs on the leaked page. This will make Logan the second X-Men spin-off movie to shoot for an R-rating, after this year’s mega-hit spin-off, Deadpool from this past February, another movie that was also careful to avoid any direct X-Men branding.

Logan will mark Hugh Jackman’s final turn in the role of Wolverine, as confirmed by the actor himself. The title is likely also a reference to beloved Marvel Comics story arc, Old Man Logan, which featured an aged version of Wolverine in the time shortly before his shocking death. While Mangold, Jackman and Fox still have yet to confirm any definitive indication that this will be the case, Fox did release a teaser poster, one that strongly suggests another rumour could be true; Wolverine will die by the end of Logan, and pass his mantle on to a successor, likely female Wolverine clone, X-23. You can check out the poster below:


Logan will feature the Reavers and Weapon X as key villains, and will also feature Nathaniel Essex of Essex Corp., a.k.a. high-profile X-Men nemesis, Mister Sinister. A post-credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, which was released on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, foreshadowed the coming of Mister Sinister in a future movie, though it was unknown where exactly he was planned to appear, before it was confirmed that Sinister would make an appearance in Logan. According to producer, Simon Kinberg, Logan will also take place in the future of the current X-Men movie timeline, further adding to reports that pretty well universally claim that the movie will adapt the Old Man Logan storyline from Marvel Comics.

Logan is set to hit theatres on March 3rd, 2017.

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