Sonic the Hedgehog movie moving forward, former Deadpool director involved

Sonic the Hedgehog has had enough trouble with a consistent track record in the gaming space lately, but he’ll nonetheless be taking a bold step into a new medium soon! The Hollywood Reporter has broken the scoop that former Deadpool director, Tim Miller, who left the directors’ chair of Deadpool 2 just a few days ago, has taken up an executive producing gig with the recently-announced Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which has now found a home at Sony Pictures.

sonic-characterMiller’s involvement seems to have kicked the movie’s production up a notch, since THR now brings word that Sony is targeting a 2018 release window for the video game-to-movie adaptation. The Sonic movie is being helmed by first-time director, Jeff Fowler, and it seems like the studio brought in Miller to help guide Fowler’s directing, likely in hopes of creating another dark horse hit franchise akin to Deadpool, only this time for general audiences, not just adults. Fittingly, Fast and Furious producer, Neal H. Moritz is also a producer on the Sonic movie, with Patrick Casey and Josh Miller of Golan the Insatiable fame writing the script. Beyond this talent, nothing specific is known about the movie at this point.

Sonic as a character is one of the most well-known and iconic gaming personalities in worldwide pop culture, one that serves as the flagship mascot of gaming corporation and former console maker, Sega. The speedy blue anthropomorphic hedgehog has inspired a huge franchise that includes not only a legion of video games across numerous platforms, but also cartoon shows, OVA movies, and a huge host of merchandise from apparel to toys. Once a competitor to Nintendo’s flagship Mario character in the 1990’s, Sonic primarily thrives in a world where he uses his super-speed abilities to thwart the machinations of the evil Dr. Eggman, who converts the world’s wildlife into menacing machines, among other villains. The franchise also happens to be observing its 25th anniversary this year, which the announcement of the Sonic movie is one such observation of.

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