The Walking Dead’s arch-villain, Negan will return in Season Eight

One of the major hooks of The Walking Dead’s current seventh season is the introduction of Negan, one of the most frightening and psychotic arch-villains to Rick Grimes’ crew of zombie apocalypse survivors in the source comics. Negan isn’t departing the show anytime soon either, as Negan actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan addressed his character on AMC’s ultra-popular horror drama series, confirming that he’s not only going to continue playing a big part this season, but will even return next season!

“I know I will be on board for Season Eight” Morgan directly confirmed in the interview. “We’ve finished [Season Seven] a week ago. I’m really big in the next two episodes. I’m fucking heavy in those!” he continued.twd-footage

AMC has already officially renewed The Walking Dead for an eighth season, as was confirmed a week before the current seventh season even began airing. Negan’s survival into said eighth season also makes sense, as the character is still alive in the ongoing canon of the source comics, where he has moved between various factions as a persistent arch-nemesis of sorts to lead protagonist, Rick Grimes. Morgan’s performance as Negan has also been praised quite a bit by critics and fans, despite the character not appearing in the past couple of episodes of The Walking Dead, and despite the show taking a sizable hit in viewership in its most recent season, despite continued high ratings in contrast to most other shows on television.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays, between 9:00-10:00 P.M., on AMC.

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