New Zelda: Breath of the Wild locations, characters revealed

Bill Trinen took to the pre-show of the Game Awards to show off some new footage from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which included new enemies, creatures, fellow deollagers, new locations, airships and new powers.

Unlike E3 2016 when the game was first unveiled, the new trailer (video coming soon) shows off a bunch of new areas, including an ashy, volcanic region, a water-filled area with a large bridge, and an airship that takes us right back to Super Mario Bros. 3‘s final world.

There is a closeup of a female character walking very slowly and ominously through the world. She looks to be wearing very Wind Waker blue and yellow colours and was very much reminiscent of Sheik and, by virtue of that, Princess Zelda.

What we don’t see in the new trailer are any new runes or towers, and certainly no dungeons. The massive airship does appear to contain some sort of boss battle, though, as there is a huge creature that flies up to it. Sadly, it is virtually impossible to capture as it exists for only a few frames in video.

The second trailer of the evening is sure to give more details, so stay tuned!