Microsoft confirms dragon-themed action-RPG, Scalebound has been cancelled

UPDATE 2: Various PlatinumGames developers have now issued their own statements on the cancellation of, “Scalebound”, including one of the developer’s project heads, Hideki Kamiya. Kamiya apologized at length about the game being cancelled, and pledged to try and work hard as ever at PlatinumGames’ upcoming projects. Like Microsoft, Kamiya and the rest of PlatinumGames didn’t give an exact reason as to why, “Scalebound” was cancelled, though the only dispute of prior reports came when Kamiya refuted claims that he took a month’s leave of absence for mental health before, “Scalebound” was cancelled. The claim that Microsoft owns the, “Scalebound” IP from Liam Robertson’s former report was not clarified by PlatinumGames.

UPDATE: Gaming historian, Liam Robertson has shed a bit more light on the cancellation of, “Scalebound” via his YouTube channel, citing reliable sources at Microsoft and PlatinumGames. Allegedly, issues with the game heated up after its showing at Gamescom 2016 this past August, with Microsoft and PlatinumGames butting heads as to the design philosophy of, “Scalebound”, to the point where both project heads took a month-long absence for the sake of their mental health. Robertson’s sources also claim that, “Scalebound” suffered from significant performance issues on Xbox One, yet Microsoft was unwilling to compromise features to help reduce the strain on the framerate. The decision to ultimately cancel, “Scalebound” was apparently Microsoft’s, and was actually made last month. Microsoft are the owners of the, “Scalebound” IP, according to the unverified sources, and since Microsoft is deleting any trace of the game from their official channels, it’s very unlikely that, “Scalebound” will ever see a revival effort, unfortunately. None of these claims are verified, though considering Robertson’s frequently reliable connections and intelligence, they’re more than likely close to the truth.

Original report follows:


It’s a pretty sad day to be an Xbox gamer, as rumours surfaced out of nowhere today that Microsoft’s planned dragon-themed action-RPG, Scalebound was in trouble, and could be facing cancellation. Just a short while after these rumours surfaced today, along with fans noticing that Microsoft had removed the official Scalebound page from their Xbox website, Microsoft then issued an official statement confirming that Scalebound’s development has ceased, and the game has indeed sadly been cancelled:

“After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound. We’re working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games to our fans this year, including Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and other great experiences.”

As is apparent, Microsoft didn’t offer an exact reason as to why Scalebound got the axe, especially since development seemed to be going relatively smoothly before today, though Kotaku has alleged that insider sources have claimed that the game has hit numerous development snags over an extended period of time, which might have ultimately led to it being scrapped. Scalebound was previously delayed out of its planned 2016 release window to attempt a release in 2o17, granted, but that’s not particularly noteworthy, as plenty of games see delays out of their planned release year whenever they require extra polish, or possibly run into unexpected production difficulties, releasing just fine after said issues are ironed out. Whether the game just wasn’t up to scratch, or some other issue came up with developer, PlatinumGames, we may never definitively know why Scalebound was ultimately killed before release, even if the insider reports from Kotaku are true, as they now evidently seem to be.

Scalebound was going to place players in control of Drew, a young hero who could command a dragon called Thuban in battle across a dragon-filled planet called Draconis. Unlike the majority of PlatinumGames’ work, Scalebound was going to have more of a focus on RPG-style combat and large-scale production value, as opposed to the studio’s usual bread-and-butter work of fast-paced action and stylized Japanese visuals. Scalebound was originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive to be published by Microsoft, though was later confirmed for Windows 10 PC’s as well, to be part of Microsoft’s ‘Play Anywhere’ program that would grant an Xbox One and Windows 10 version of a game together with a single purchase on either platform.

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