After it was initially teased during the platform’s reveal trailer this past October, Nintendo finally announced at their Nintendo Switch event that an all-new Splatoon game is in the works for Nintendo Switch!

The rather simply-titled Splatoon 2 will include all-new maps and special weapons, set amid the same 4-vs.-4 turf wars that came to define the appeal of its Wii U predecessor. One of the new weapons shown off was some dual pistols called the ‘Splat Duelies’ that emphasize speed and accuracy. A reveal trailer also seemed to indicate that players will be able to hover over the action with a Super Mario Sunshine-esque ink-spewing jetpack.

Splatoon 2 will offer both local play and online play, and can be played with either the Joy-Con controller, or the Switch Pro Controller, as seemingly indicated in the Switch’s reveal trailer several months ago. You will also have the option of aiming with the Joy-Con controllers’ built-in gyro sensors, rather than the control sticks, if you’re so inclined.

Not much else is known about Splatoon 2, but it’s targeting a release in Summer 2017.

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