Super Mario Odyssey announced for Nintendo Switch

Among the games hinted at during the Nintendo Switch’s reveal trailer this past October was an all-new 3D Mario game. During tonight’s Nintendo Switch event, Nintendo properly announced this all-new Mario offering, which will officially be titled ‘Super Mario Odyssey‘. It’s quite the crazy concept as well!

Super Mario Odyssey brings Mario to all manner of new locations, including a real-world-inspired city that appears to be populated with regular people! Other scenes show Mario moving between Old West towns, spooky forests, and an airship where Bowser, reliably holding Princess Peach prisoner, appears to be dressed in a wedding suit!

Hats, including Mario’s cap, also appear to be a key part of the experience. Not only is Bowser shown tossing the top hat of his wedding suit in the reveal trailer, but Mario’s cap can also be thrown around in the game. The cap appears to have some functionality with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, though most of how this feature works is being kept secret for now. What was confirmed however is that Super Mario Odyssey will bring back the hub world-driven style of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, along with its dedicated stages.

Super Mario Odyssey is targeting a release during Holiday 2017.

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