The Town Of Light Will Make Its Way To Consoles In Early June

This afternoon, developer and its publisher, Wired Productions, announced that The Town of Light will make its console debut on June 6th. As such, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners won’t have to wait much longer before they’ll be able to take on the game’s first-person psychological exploration.

For those who’ve yet to hear about it, The Town of Light is a historically influenced game that is told through the vantage point of a sixteen year-old girl. Set in Italy, during mid-March of 1938, it tells the story of a teen who’s deemed a danger to herself and others, before being locked up for those reasons. All of the above also takes place in an environment that actually existed, which should make for an interesting experience, as the campaign delves into the impact of mental health and the dated ways of caring for those who’ve dealt with such personal issues.

Keep in mind, though, that this is merely the game’s console debut. It originally released on PC more than a year ago, but has yet to make good on its developer’s promise of an Xbox One and PS4 launch. The great thing about this particular situation, however, is that the developer has apparently made good use of the time it’s had in-between releases. The result is what’s being called an enhanced version of the game, which will be gifted to those who own the original PC version, via a free update.

Look for The Town of Light on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 6th, at a cost of $19.99 USD. The game will be made available both digitally and physically, thanks to a partnership with THQNordic.