The Next Need For Speed Game Will Be Revealed Tomorrow Morning

Get ready to rev your engines, racing fans, as Electronic Arts is preparing to reveal the next in its long line of Need For Speed games. You won’t have to wait long, either, as the full disclosure is set to occur tomorrow morning at 6am Pacific/9am Eastern Standard Time.

If you can’t wait, and plan to be online at that very minute, make sure to check out the game’s Twitter page. There, you will find a link to its YouTube channel, where we surmise that a reveal trailer will be posted. At least, that seems to be the most logical idea.

Specifics aren’t known at this time, as you’d expect, but we have heard a few things about Need for Speed 2017. This includes the fact that it’s once again being developed by Ghost Games, who helmed the unappreciated sequel, Need for Speed: Rivals, as well as 2015’s series reboot. It’s also been said that, unlike its most recent predecessor which received a lot of flack for being an online-based game, 2017’s iteration will not require an Internet connection. That’s good news for those of us who don’t particularly like playing racing games in online lobbies, where people can cheapshot you and throw you off course during races with a deviously timed collision.

Of course, it must be said that the series’ last entry didn’t actually force you to be online at all times. Sure, it was selected by default, and you’d load into a lobby, but it wasn’t necessary after that. I would always go into settings and choose to play alone and offline, because I couldn’t be bothered to play with others for the above reason.

Going further, reports also suggest that this year’s release will be set in Seattle, which is easy to believe given that its reveal image (and a previously released teaser that you can see above) happen to show the city’s skyline, including its famous Space Needle. We’ve also heard that police pursuits and vehicular customization (which featured prominently the last time around) will also factor into the experience.

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.