2012 - Big-N’s 2012 show included the initial offering of Wii U games which was highlighted by Ubisoft’s ZombiU and the first-party pack-in Nintendo Land. Neither of them really hit the mark the way the company wanted to, but Pikmin 3 also happened to be at the show, and went on to sell plenty of copies when it released just after E3 the following year.

E3 2017: Let’s Dream about Nintendo

In our lead up to E3 2017, rather than copy the rest of the world with our predictions for the big show, we’re taking a new approach to our pre-E3 coverage by sharing some headlines that we would absolutely love to publish, but don’t have a chance in hell of actually being taken seriously if we do. So, without further ado, we present our newest series, Let’s Dream: Nintendo.

Nintendo announces Pokémon MMO, coming to Switch later this year

This could be a wonderful thing, and it’s been rumoured for a while, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s any closer to happening.

Pokémon Company reveals amiibo cards, revitalizes trading card platform

We’ve written about this before. It would be great to see Pokémon amiibo cards to connect the still-thriving trading card players with the gaming population, while also making the nostalgia play to bring back in those in their late-20s back to the game!

Metroid Origins announced for Nintendo Switch

Really, any Metroid game other than that Blast Ball crap we got would be great. Just give us a full-fledged Metroid shooter/exploration title that we’ve been craving. Please, Nintendo. We’ll beg.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch available now

This would just be some good faith. Even better faith? Don’t make it $60.

Additional Breath of the Wild DLC in the works, to be included in original season pass

A little extra DLC love wouldn’t hurt. The game has performed even better than Nintendo’s expectations, so perhaps they’ll continue supporting it even beyond the planned DLC? Not a chance, but it would be nice. They’ve got to start working on the next Zelda soon, we suppose.

Zelda mobile game to feature hundreds of puzzles, dozens of dungeons

We know a Zelda mobile game is coming, and maybe it won’t have all the exploration or deep mechanics of the console and handheld titles, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll have a really serious collection of puzzles and a new take on dungeons that could make for some new, unique gameplay we haven’t seen before.

Nintendo announces full Game Boy, SNES, NES libraries coming to iOS this year

Strengthen that partnership with those mobile development teams, you’ve got, Nintendo. The stock will see incredible gains if the Kyoto-based company decides to release their entire back catalog to the world at something like $5 apiece. Pretty sure gamers wouldn’t complain, either.

We can’t stress enough that this list is by no means a serious example of what we expect to happen at E3 next week. If even a single thing on this list is even close to reality, we’d be quite shocked, though in the best way possible. This is just a gamer’s wet dream. You know, as in: not real.