Oculus platformer, Lucky’s Tale getting follow-up on Xbox One, Windows 10

One of the more surprising announcements out of today’s Xbox keynote at E3 was confirmation that Oculus Rift launch title, Lucky’s Tale would be receiving a follow-up. On behalf of developer, Playful, Microsoft announced that Super Lucky’s Tale is headed to Xbox One and Windows 10 on November 7th of this year. The Xbox One version will also naturally pack in an enhanced presentation when played on Xbox One X.

Inspired by the 1990’s era of Nintendo 64 platformers, Lucky’s Tale revolved around titular fox protagonist, Lucky, utilizing the Oculus VR headset to enhance what was otherwise a pretty standard mascot platformer. The game drew average reception in its original Oculus Rift incarnation, but it’s likely that Microsoft’s console and PC follow-up will see some tweaks and enhancements to the gameplay, especially in needing to strip out the unique control inputs of the Oculus VR headset. Super Lucky’s Tale will apparently see Lucky on a new quest, namely to reclaim his sister and the Book of Ages from nefarious villain, Jinx.

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