The gorgeous co-op RPG, Ashen, is coming to Xbox One & PC

Another one of today’s indie highlights was Aurora44’s Ashen, which thoroughly impressed us with its unique visual style.

Described as “an action role-playing indie game,” Ashen centres upon a wanderer who’s in search of a new place to call home in a world where nothing lasts. A co-op enabled experience, it presents a narrative wherein players may come across each other, team up together or offer the comforts of camp. This is key, it seems, as Ashen is also referred to as being a game about relationships, where folks will be able to combine their different skills and abilities towards shared progression.

That said, what stands out most about this game is its visual style, which is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. Its characters — while faceless — seem full of personality, and even have unique attributes like a bushy mustache. The environments, themselves, resemble something out of a painting or an art project, whereas the dark and disturbing enemies these heroes come across look like something from a nightmare.

You can expect to be able to play Ashen in 2018, which is when the Annapurna published indie is scheduled to hit Xbox One and PC.