Crackdown 3 launching alongside Xbox One X on November 7th

It’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen Crackdown 3 in an official capacity from Microsoft; the last time we saw the game was a short demo at Gamescom in 2015.

At the Xbox E3 Briefing, however, Sumo Digital showed off their new trailer for the game, which now fittingly stars Terry Crews as the game’s protagonist. Why fittingly? Well, the game is known for its over-the-top gameplay, wacky visuals, and unique art style. Terry Crews is nothing if not over-the-top, wacky, and unique in and of himself.

The game’s cel-shading mixed with 3D styling is often dark which makes explosions and special effects seem that much more vibrant and exciting. The gameplay trailer didn’t actually show off anything other than some very fast-paced movement, gunplay, and melee attacks, though it did carry a killer soundtrack that served to excite the audience.

Crackdown 3, not dissimilarly to the other game reborn at the Microsoft’s showing, Sea of Thieves, is co-op focused though it does have a single-player option.