Sea of Thieves gets new gameplay, Early 2018 release window

Rare’s latest new game, Sea of Thieves, was shown off for the first time at E3 two years ago. Since then, we’ve seen little bits of gameplay footage, received some game information here or there, but nothing major has come about since the announcement.

Sure, last year we got a gameplay reveal, but only now do we have a truly full-length trailer of the game and what to expect from it.

The creators of Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark, not to mention the developers of one of the most prolific shooters of all time, GoldenEye 64, have set out to create a massive open game world filled with pirates and danger and treasure. The trailer (click that play button above) shows off both ship-to-ship and hand-to-hand combat, as well as underwater diving and treasure hunting. There’s also lots of exploration and puzzle-solving, which, in the case of this demo, was in the form of a riddle on parchment.

The game is built with a co-op focus and connecting with friends seems to be the best way to play the game. In fact, we’ve seen very little solo gameplay so far, though with a large world that is promised, we expect the game to deliver a stellar single-player experience as well.

The graphics looked phenomenal in the new trailer, and the water in particular looks quite realistic, especially considering the game is stylized with a slightly cartoony, over-the-top colourful art style. In fact, Rare made a nice little video series about how they’ve developed the game, and there just so happens to be one about water in particular.

Sea of Thieves launches on Xbox One and Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title in early 2018.