Final Fantasy XV getting ‘extreme fishing’ VR mode, Monster of the Deep

Fishing has been something of a strange, yet endearing tradition among Japanese RPG’s. Because of this, Final Fantasy XV will soon be getting its own ‘intense’ fishing-themed sub-game, as confirmed by Sony during their E3 press conference tonight. “Monster of the Deep” is coming this September, and will be exclusively playable on PlayStation VR, meaning that it’s naturally restricted to PlayStation 4, and won’t be made available to Xbox One players.

This virtual reality tie-in experience to Final Fantasy XV may be an evolution of the previously-announced virtual reality experience that was designed for PlayStation VR, namely a shooting gallery-esque minigame that unfolded from the perspective of supporting protagonist, Prompto. “Monster of the Deep” allows you to fish either from boats or from the water’s edge, make use of fish finders, and catch sea creatures both large and small to collect and roast by campfire.

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