The Frozen Wilds expansion announced for Horizon: Zero Dawn; Coming in 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to become bigger, badder and even more epic. When, exactly, is unknown, though. All we know is that the game will receive its first piece of major downloadable content sometime before the end of this calendar year, and that it will be called The Frozen Wilds.

The Frozen Wilds was one of the first trailers to play during Sony’s video-heavy E3 2017 showcase, and was arguably one of the biggest and best reveals of the night. A night that was a bit ho-hum overall, like all of this year’s press conferences ended up being.

It’s hard to really tell what’s going on in the expansion’s brief, one-and-a-half minute-long trailer, so anything we would write would just end up being speculation. A big storm is pictured within, though, and it looks like it’s having some sort of adverse effect on the world and its mechanical beasts. Beyond that, who knows?

With all that having been said, it’s safe to assume that no matter what it’s about, this story add-on will end up being really good. It is, after all, a continuation of one of this generation’s best games.