Knack 2 is real, folks

It may not have been a well liked launch title, but Knack apparently sold enough units to get a sequel. Thus, we can announce that Knack 2 is real, and that it’s coming out this fall.

Although PlayStation’s showcase has yet to officially begin, its pre-show has been rolling out a steady stream of trailers, including this one for Knack 2, which shows off some new abilities and perhaps even some cooperative play.

The good news is that Knack 2 looks like it’ll be more creative, varied and entertaining than the boring, frustrating and overly difficult first game was when it launched alongside the PlayStation 4. Here’s hoping that will end up being the case, too, as great platformers are few and far between these days. We’ll have to wait until September 5th to find out, though, as that’s when this sequel will be released at a $39.99 USD price point.