Visit Hope County in this Far Cry 5 E3 walkthrough

In Far Cry 5‘s Hope County, players will discover a town gone awry, where a dangerous cult and its armed militia rule the day and aim to keep it that way. Their opposition includes the game’s playable protagonist, as well as others he’ll meet and befriend along the way. Together, they’re the resistance.

Today, Ubisoft took some time to show us how all of these allies will factor in, including what type of assistance they’ll provide, be it air, sniper or canine support. All of this was enclosed within a short gameplay demonstration, which received a bit of narration and a foreword.

If you haven’t heard, co-op has also been confirmed. Friends will be able to assist you by coming in as a support character, or at least that’s what today’s walkthrough seemed to suggest.

Thus far, everything we’ve seen from Far Cry 5 has looked really good. As such, we can’t wait to get our hands on it come February 27th of next year.