South Park: Phone Destroyer has soft launched in Canada

In an attempt to avoid server issues, Ubisoft has chosen to go the soft launch route with its card-based real-time battle game, South Park: Phone Destroyer. We Canadians were lucky enough to be chosen as one of its first test markets, too, along with Brazil, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Those with interest in this (sure to be hilarious) free-to-play romp can download it now from either the App Store or Google Play, on both iOS and Android. However, while the download won’t cost anything, there are in-app transactions that may tempt you to open your wallet or pull out that credit card. The developers promise, though, that the game is built around the idea of players not having to spend a cent, even if the option is there and they secretly hope that we all will.

For more information on South Park: Phone Destroyer, check out this incredibly detailed developer FAQ, which is sure to be able to answer any question you may have. And, if you’re from somewhere other than Canada or the other aforementioned soft launch territories, then you can expect to be able to play the game “sometime later this year.”