Hang out, show your skills and earn rewards in Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer headquarters

A new feature is coming to Call of Duty, thanks to WWII‘s newly revealed multiplayer Headquarters. Trailered, screened and explained, it was announced during today’s lead up to Gamescom 2017.

Although it sounds like some sort of office, Call of Duty: WWII‘s Headquarters is anything but. In fact, the best way to describe it would be to call it a bullet and explosion-filled hub, which contains lots of interesting features like a shooting range, a 1v1 pit and other skill testing/showoff facilities. Hell, you can also fire some AA guns to earn rewards, or watch live eSports in the theatre.

Check out the trailer for Headquarters — Call of Duty‘s first dedicated social space — below:

You’ll be able to go hands on with all of the above when Call of Duty: WWII launches on November 3rd.