The Crew 2 gets a release date, new trailer

Thanks to Gamescom, we now know when Ubisoft will unleash The Crew 2 and its myriad of different vehicles upon a digitized version of the United States of America.

Today, through trailer form, it was revealed that the game — which offers fast-paced racing in various different vehicles, ranging from cars to boats to planes and back again — will be released on March 16th of next year. As such, close to seven months’ worth of waiting still remain before we’ll be able to start our engines.

For the first time ever, The Crew 2 offers the Fast Fav feature, giving players the ability to seamlessly switch between their favorite ground, water and air vehicles with the push of a button. Players can race full throttle off the Golden Gate Bridge and transform instantly into a speedboat as they hit the Bay, catch a huge wave and seamlessly transition into a stunt plane and fly away into the sunset. Players enjoy total freedom to ride any way they want in the familiar landscapes of The Crew 2’s vast open world.

Check out The Crew 2‘s new, Gamescom-tagged trailer below, then make sure to stay tuned for more coverage.