Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero (free) DLC trailer debuts

Little had been said about Resident Evil 7‘s promised free DLC episode, Not a Hero. Now, that has all changed, thanks to a small information dump and a complementary gameplay trailer that amps up the action to 11.

Not a Hero takes place shortly after the events of Resident Evil 7‘s core campaign, and finds soldier Chris Redfield investigating a threat that is centred within an abandoned mine. One that has threatened the lives of those he fights with and cares about, and could have serious consequences for the world at large. It’ll be a bit different than the main game, too, or so this visceral gameplay footage suggests, as Chris is seen using fast-paced FPS mechanics and brutal melee combat to destroy his disturbing enemies.

Not a Hero — which will be free to all — will now be released on December 12th.