It’s become the norm for every new Call of Duty game to receive at least one live action trailer or commercial prior to its release. Call of Duty: WWII isn’t an exception to this rule, despite its change of pace from the more modern shootouts that the series has featured in recent years. This weekend brought with it the game’s first live action trailer, which goes by the name “Reassemble!” for reasons that will soon become very obvious.

This particular video isn’t nearly as explosive or over-the-top as its predecessors, but it continues their trend of being tongue-in-cheek. The whole thing revolves around a thirty-something reassembling his crew for the new Call of Duty‘s return to WWII. This includes kidnapping one friend from work, hiring a babysitter for another and talking a brute into coming along mid-bar fight.

There aren’t any terribly familiar faces to be seen, either, although you might recognize a couple. This is another departure, of course, given that the previous ones tended to feature some pretty well known actors in over-the-top roles.

Also released over the weekend were two additional versions of the same trailer, which were created for both the French and British markets. Featuring different actors and altered meeting places, they carry the same theme but offer different takes. Hell, the European ones are arguably the best of the bunch, with our nod going to the UK’s.

Call of Duty: WWII will be released early next month, so make sure to start reassembling your crew now.

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