Destiny 2 will take a seasonal content update approach

Destiny 2 diehards can expect a seasonal strategy to unfold in terms of planned content updates. Through it, each year will be split into four such quarters, and offer themed content through that design.

When season 2 officially launches, it will usher in new collectibles ornaments for Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner and Faction Rally gear. These will be available both for purchase and as unlockable rewards. What exactly season 2 will be has yet to be revealed, though it’s assumed that it will take the form of Curse of Osiris. That previously leaked update, which will send players to Mercury, was said to be coming sometime later this year.

At TwitchCon, it was also revealed that the Dawning will return, and that it will not only take place in the Tower, but will also offer new gear, new activities and an entirely new PVP map. Also set to be released is a new ‘ritual’ dubbed Clarion Calls, which will offer double XP and new bright engrams. These will be available to those who play in fireteams during specific engagements.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to Destiny 2.