Microsoft invites players to ‘Feel True Power’ with Xbox One X commercial

With just a couple of weeks to go before it launches its newest, most powerful console, Microsoft has debuted its visceral commercial for the Xbox One X. One that, with the help of Kanye West, hammers home the fact that the device is set to be the world’s most technically impressive console thus far.

Combining footage from various games (Forza Motorsport 7, Madden NFL 18, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Cuphead, Minecraft and Assassin’s Creed: Origins), movies and TV shows, this visually impressive but also somewhat arrogant commercial certainly does the job of getting one pumped for release. This is then accentuated by shots of real life actors, whose impressions suggest that they’ve been utterly blown away by what they’ve seen.

Of course, all of the buzzwords are also included, be it 4K, power or ‘true awe.’ Then again, that was to be expected. You can’t blame Microsoft for going all out here, or for doing whatever it can to try to retake top spot in the console wars.

Stay tuned for more coverage pertaining to the Xbox One X, including our opinion on the console and what lays inside of it.