This special edition Sea of Thieves controller looks well worth plundering

In other Sea of Thieves related news, Microsoft has lifted the veil on the next in its line of special edition Xbox One controllers. And this one is badass, to say the least.

With a twilight purple body, some bright green spackle and some very neat-looking accents, this is arguably the most unique controller Microsoft has ever made. We haven’t even gotten into some of its other details, though, which include a gold trigger (fashioned in the vision of a pirate’s golden tooth), a green, eye patch wearing skull and a rough compass that encircles the left joystick. Simply put, this thing is a beaut, and one that doesn’t conform in any way.

This Sea of Thieves controller will obviously be of the special edition variety, and will come at a premium as a result. With Microsoft’s penchant for raising prices on its more unique wares, one shouldn’t be surprised that it carries a $75 US price tag. The thing does come with some special bonuses, though, including a ferryman outfit set and 14-day trials for both Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

It may be pricey, but this one is worth plundering for sure. The only thing it’s missing is rubber grips.