Could a new Xbox One Elite Controller be in development?

Pictures of a rumoured Xbox One Elite Controller V2 are floating around the Internet, after seeming to have originated on a Chinese website called Baldu. We cannot officially confirm that they are real, but given how much traction this story has developed they may well be.

In addition to the pictures, this leak also contains some interesting information regarding the changes and updates that will be found within this revised accessory. Things like a USB-C charge port, a three-profile switch, three leveled hair trigger locks, longer key travel (for the rear paddles) and Bluetooth connectivity for Windows 10 PCs. It’s also been said that the controller’s carrying case may allow for it to be charged on the go, thanks to an internal battery that will substitute for removable AAs.

An image posted on Reddit, which we’ve embedded above all of this text, also shows improved stick textures and a rubber grip that covers more of the controller than ever before. That grip really should be on all Xbox One controllers, though, because it makes a big difference. As of right now, it’s only on the Elite, some older special edition controllers and the current set of Tech controllers, which retail for more than your average remote.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.