Sea of Thieves developers talk visual storytelling and skeleton AI

There’s no denying that Sea of Thieves is a colourful game, with an art style that stands out. From what we’ve seen and played of the game, it’s shown to be an artistic and stylized pirate affair.

To highlight and explain some of these visual efforts, art director Ryan Stevenson has released a brief developer update of his own. One that is focused solely on the visual side of things, and gives players a better idea of the thought that went into creating the game’s ‘visual story.’

Also included here is another video that that the team posted last week. In it, other members of Rare’s Sea of Thieves team discuss creating the game’s skeletons and their unique artificial intelligences.

You can look forward to becoming a pirate when Sea of Thieves runs its closed beta from the 24th to the 29th. The full game is then expected to release on the 20th of March.