Split/Second and LEGO Indiana Jones are now backwards compatible on Xbox One

Lots has been happening at Microsoft’s backwards compatibility office as of late, and that trend has continued into today. Thus, the team has announced that two more Xbox 360 games are now available for play on the Xbox One.

The first of the two happens to be LEGO Indiana Jones, which ends up being the fifth of its kind to become backwards compatible. It’s joined by the somewhat overlooked, but very fun racer, Split/Second. That is, a game that focused as much on its racing as it did on the things going on around the vehicular action.

If you’ll recall, Split/Second was like a big budget Michael Bay movie in video game form. Fast, frenetic and oh so explosive, thanks to crashing planes, falling asteroids, and other types of fire-baked carnage. It was quite fun, but had an issue with being too difficult for its own good, which became a problem later on.

The good news is that, for those who missed it or those who simply want to play it again, Split/Second will be free of charge starting on February 1st, through Games With Gold. LEGO Indiana Jones, on the other hand, can be purchased digitally for $20.