Ubisoft details upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera, year three kickoff event

Rainbow Six Siege is a hit, and it’s pretty safe to suggest that Ubisoft probably couldn’t be happier about the game and its results. Not only has it found an audience that both loves and respects it, but it’s also about to kickoff content “Year Three” with a bang.

So, what exactly is in store for the beginning of the game’s third year? Well, for starters there’s the upcoming, four week-long Outbreak event, which will begin on February 20th on PC/TTS.

In Outbreak, the first seasonal event for Rainbow Six Siege, players will choose their best team of three to enter the devastated town of Truth or Consequences and neutralize the threat. From exploding monstrosities to hulking horrors, the Rainbow Six team will face something never-seen before. These armored monsters will bring the fight close and push the destruction engine to new heights. Players will have to find new ways of using their arsenal, against a foe that doesn’t take cover and engages instantly in close combat.

Said co-op extravaganza will come to the game in conjunction with Operation Chimera, an expansion that will introduce a couple of new operators. It’ll all drop around the 19th and 20th of this month on TTS/PC, before coming to all platforms from March 6th to April 3rd.