Strategy and skill: How to outsmart your games

No matter what sort of games you like to play, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite as important as having a strategy in place to ensure your chance of winning is as high as possible. What’s more, game designers across the world are making their puzzles and challenges even more complicated with every new release.

That means it’s more important than ever to be on your toes and ready with a skillful plan before you enter the game. So, whether it’s a casual card game with your mates or a complex video game with many different twists and turns, thinking about how you can maximize your chance of winning through a series of strategic decisions can really pay off.

Games are becoming smarter

There’s no doubt about it: the games we play, especially the electronic ones, are becoming more and more clever, and require extra levels of skill in order to be outsmarted. In a way, that is inevitable. Nobody likes to play the same game all the time, and there are only so many basic game systems in existence. Video games, for example, are harnessing the power of technology to become more complex, and this is illustrated by the deeper characters, a capacity for longer puzzles, and more.

But other games are also becoming smarter. Popular board games like Trivial Pursuit, for example, aren’t just about general knowledge in the way trivia games of years ago might have been. Making the correct strategic choices, such as which category to go for when you’re in the central hub, can often be the difference between winning and losing – and that requires a game plan.

Playing video games

Even though it’s clear that developers are increasing the complexity of the games they offer, one of the best places to start if you’re looking to try out your strategy skills is still the humble world of the video game. There are all sorts of strategies used here. Speedrunning, for example, is a popular choice for many gamers. The phenomenon has an entire Reddit forum devoted to it, so it’s pretty popular!

Speedrunning comes with many advantages. It is, for example, much harder to get distracted when you’re running through a game as fast as you can, and if your game is one where danger can swoop out of nowhere to attack your avatar then optimizing your game for speed is a clever choice. Often, all it requires in terms of skill is practicing heavily before committing to speedrunning for your entire game: that way, you know where to be alert, and when to jump to avoid danger, etc.

Winning the lottery

It can sometimes seem as though games with high prizes and the appearance of being entirely luck-based – such as the lottery – are immune to the benefits of strategy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The first strategy decision to take when it comes to the lottery is, of course, to enter! The relatively low costs of buying a lottery ticket compared to the very high benefits you gain if you win means that the endeavor is a largely risk-free exercise, so being in it to win it is the first strategic step to take.

But there are other ways to improve the odds of winning. Many people, particularly those who work in the same place or who are part of a family looking to have a bet on the lottery, decide to pool their resources and their chances by forming a syndicate. That means they pool their cash to buy a lot of tickets, and if one of the purchased tickets wins, they split the proceeds equally among the members of the syndicate.

While that does mean you won’t ever receive a huge jackpot all to yourself, it does mean that your chances of winning something at all will be higher – which is an appealing situation, and one certainly not to be dismissed. By using this order form to enter Super Lotto, you too can be in with a chance of using your strategy skills and winning top prizes.

As a major source of entertainment, games have been an important part of our lives for centuries. And while some games come with a reputation for being very difficult, harder to win or impossible to defeat through strategy, that’s not necessarily the case. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you too may be able to boost your game play skills and develop a method for improving your chances in whatever your chosen game happens to be.