Milestone announces Gravel season pass, special edition

When Gravel launches at the end of this month, it will do so with a season pass model intact. One that has just been detailed — well, revealed — today.

Those who purchase Gravel‘s season pass will insure themselves discounted access to five ‘premium DLC expansions,’ each of which is expected to be released before the end of June. This includes 12 new vehicles, 10 checkpoint tracks, 4 new Wild Rush circuits and two new Off-Road career events.

This won’t be the only additional content made available to Gravel players, as free updates and vehicle drops have also been confirmed. The first of these ‘freemium cars’ is the Bowler Bulldog, which will be followed by the Acciona.

Bowler Bulldog:
Available March 7th, Great Britain’s new Bowler Bulldog is a powerful ride that makes the off-road experience even more thrilling than before. Dash through deserts or scream through stadiums in this unforgettable beast.

The Acciona might be powered by an electric engine, but it can defeat the field just as well as any other vehicle. Available March 21st, the Accoina will be the first and only electric car coming to GRAVEL.

A total of six free updates will be released, with those beginning in March, as evidenced above.

Also revealed today is the Gravel Special Edition version, which will marry the game with its season pass. This more expensive option can be pre-ordered now.

Gravel will release on February 27th, for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the PC platform.