Expect Kingdom Come: Deliverance to have a massive, 23gb day one patch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be sold in both physical and digital iterations starting this coming Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean that folks who purchase the disc-based version will be able to avoid a massive download. No, thanks to UAE street date breakers, word has come out that the upcoming, realistically influenced action-RPG boasts a massive day one update. One that just so happens to weigh in at a whopping 23.07gb, bringing the game’s total install size to around 46gb.

This patch was seen downloading onto a PlayStation 4 console, but it’s presumed that all versions will carry the same type of update. That is, a patch that boasts a ‘massive improvement’ in facial dialogue animations, adds new, open world events, and rebalances things like XP, money gain, and armor sets. On top of this, there’s also been talk of improved NPC reaction times, sound adjustments, an updated persuasion UI, general combat improvements and the option to use your bow while in stealth mode.

Needless to say, it brings a lot to the table. So much so that it’s hard to list everything.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will bring a realistic take on 15th century medieval Europe to consoles and PC on February 13th.

Source: Gadgets 360