March’s Games With Gold freebies have been revealed

Another four games will be gifted to Xbox Live Gold subscribers when the calendar turns to March, and we now know which titles those will be.

Starting the potentially lion-like month off will be a colourful combination with challenging gameplay: Trials of the Blood Dragon. Said mash-up of both Far Cry: Blood Dragon and Trials will be available for download from the 1st of March until the 31st. It will then be followed by a much talked-about indie, that being Superhot – a shooter in which time only moves when you do.

On the Xbox 360 side of things, there’s a unique combination of genres to be found, with Disney-Pixar’s Brave being the first of the console’s free (and backwards compatible) offerings. The decent kids-movie-turned-video game will then make way for Airtight Games’ colourful action/puzzle-based adventure, Quantum Conundrum.

Needless to say, next month’s Games With Gold offerings present a varied list. Superhot is definitely the standout, though, and is the one game you shouldn’t sleep on.