New trailer for Sea of Thieves introduces skeleton forts

This morning has brought with it another new trailer for Sea of Thieves, with this one’s particular focus being skeleton forts. Thus, it’s a good way to get an idea of how the game’s cooperative combat engagements will play out.

The general idea here is that skeleton forts will beckon players forward, and will test their mettle against hordes of undead and bony enemies. Those who succeed, and can rid these locations of their curses, will then be able to enjoy opulent loot from the natural confines of colourful chests.

How will one know about the location of such a fort? By looking at the clouds, of course!

In addition to the aforementioned new trailer, the team at Rare has also debuted the next installment in its behind-the-scenes web series:

Sea of Thieves will debut late next month, on the 20th of March.