Months after its predecessor did the same, de Blob 2 has painted its way onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, bringing with it a zany soundtrack and lots of colourful platform-action gameplay. Not to mention a ton of colour.

de Blob 2 builds upon the first game’s premise, and once again tasks the strange creature with returning colour to a colourless world. He does so using his own body, and can both collect and combine colours that can then be smeared on walls, buildings, billboards, skyscrapers, trees and more.

Comrade Black has returned, you see, and his colour hating ways have led to even more loss of hue. To combat his lunacy, players must complete 12 different stages and engage in both transformative mini-games and “epic” boss battles.

Stay tuned for our review of de Blob 2, which will be up in the near future. We just received the game today, so it’ll take a bit of time.

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