Gravel has raced onto physical and digital store shelves

This is a big day for the folks at Italy’s Milestone S.r.i. as it marks the release date of the company’s new, adrenaline-fueled IP, Gravel. Thus, there’s a new, testosterone filled launch trailer to feast one’s eyes on.

In this promotional video, a handyman uses his love of tools to build his own TV out of miscellaneous materials. The result is a rough, but very manly display that is bordered and held together by pieces of wood, foam, rubber and tape. It’s on that screen where this badass woodworker first beholds the fast-paced arcade racer that is Gravel.

Milestone’s latest celebrates off-road racing, and does so with 50 indoor and outdoor tracks based around the world. Mixing iconic vehicles with four disciplines of racing, it promises an “adrenaline-fueled combination of fun and thrills,” and an immersive single player campaign.

Gravel is out today, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam. It’s $49.99 in the US, and $59.99 in Canada.