Expect to be able to play State of Decay 2 in May

Those who’ve been eagerly awaiting State of Decay 2 can look forward to being able to play the zombie-filled survival game in May. The anticipated sequel carries two different release dates, though; one for its (early access) Ultimate Edition and another for its standard version.

Folks who are willing to spend a bit extra will receive the State of Decay 2 Ultimate Edition (which includes two DLC packs and the Xbox One version of State of Decay: Year One Edition) for $49.99, and will be able to play on May 18th. Anyone who opts for the cheaper, regular edition, will have to wait until the 22nd, but will only be asked to pay $29.99. Of course, these prices are in American dollars, so local conversions will still need to be made.

“Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with the State of Decay community and to foster deeper experiences with the franchise,” said Microsoft Marketing GM Aaron Greenberg. “We believe State of Decay 2 accomplishes this goal by immersing fans in the ultimate zombie survival fantasy, and we want to give more players the opportunity to join in and experience this unique game.”

Of course, as was previously confirmed, State of Decay 2 will join Sea of Thieves on the Xbox One’s Game Pass subscription service at its time of release.