Batman: The Enemy Within will conclude at the end of this month

Those who’ve been waiting for the conclusion of Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within won’t have to wait much longer, as the developer has announced its plans to conclude the game’s second season at the end of this very month.

Titled ‘Same Stitch,’ this season’s fifth and final episode will come carrying two unique endings, each of which have to do with John Doe. Depending on player decisions, John will turn into different versions of the Joker, one of which will be much worse than the other.

“Same Stitch features two totally separate takes on the fully evolved John Doe: one a ruthless villain that hews closer to the classic Clown Prince of Crime and the other an unpredictable vigilante that’s unlike any other portrayal of DC’s iconic character,” Telltale wrote.

Same Stitch will bring Batman: The Enemy Within to an end on March 27th, when it hits Xbox One, PS4, PC and mobile operating systems.