Microids earns the rights to develop a game based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

In rather interesting and unexpected news, Microids has announced that it’s acquired the video game rights to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie, Vertigo. That, as well as the ability to create a model in the master director’s likeness.

It will be Pendulo Studios who will be tasked with developing a game that is loosely based upon the themes of Hitchcock’s masterpiece. One in which the character will deal with the symptoms of vertigo, in both the physical and mental senses, and will be plagued with obsessions that will drag him deeper and deeper into a confused state.

Elliot Grassiano, Microïds VP, stated: “Microïds has a long tradition of developing adventure games, and in this case, we’ll be taking one of the all-time classics from the Master of Suspense and merging it with Pendulo Studios’ expertise. We want to provide players with a video game that will become a classic of the genre.’

“After so many years of blending the language of cinema with that of interactive media, and after a bunch of thriller games in our catalog, it’s an honor and an exciting challenge to adapt Hitchcock’s masterpiece to a video game. We are working hard to meet the expectations of both players and moviegoers”. Declares Felipe Gómez, CEO of Pendulo Studios.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to Vertigo‘s video game adaptation.