New trailer for Burnout Paradise Remastered announces that ‘The Race Is On’

Only a few days remain before EA will unleash its updated, 4K/60 frames-per-second remaster of Burnout Paradise. To celebrate and help get the word out, the publisher has released a brand new trailer for the re-release, titled ‘The Race is On.’

With lots of colourful and fast-paced arcade racing to gawk at, this new trailer showcases what fans of the series (and newcomers, of course) can expect from this update to one of last gen’s better racers. That is, lots of adrenaline, as well as all of the game’s previously released DLC. This includes a total of 8 add-ons, like Big Surf Island, Legendary Cars, Toy Cars and the Cops and Robbers Pack.

Burnout Paradise Remastered will speed onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC this Friday, at an asking price of $39.99 USD. EA Access users can currently check out its 10 hour trial, which has been available now for a good week or more.