The status of our Far Cry 5 review

Ubisoft’s imposed review embargo for Far Cry 5 has ended, and with it has surely come a decent-sized helping of critics’ thoughts. Ours have yet to go live, though, and here’s why.

Eggplante was provided with a review code for the game late last week, and I spent a good chunk of my weekend playing what was easily one of my most anticipated releases. As a big Far Cry fan, I’d been itching to play this sequel and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. This made devoting some of my weekend to it easy, which is why more than fourteen hours of gameplay flew by so quickly.

Although I’ve put a decent amount of time into it, Far Cry 5 is a massive title. The game world, alone, is impressively big and exists as the largest in the series. There’s lots to see and tons to do, and it can be easy to lose oneself in side quests and optional content like hunting, fishing and soaring through the air using a wingsuit and parachute combination. While almost everything you do contributes to the end goal, it’s not a fast process and that’s a good thing. As such, I’ve only saved one of backwoods Montana’s three gigantic regions from its cult oppressor, that being one of Joseph Seed’s brothers. I’m currently part of the way towards introducing bullets to the other two, but still feel as if I’ve only put a moderate sized dent into a gigantic experience.

Since our goal at Eggplante is to provide thorough and objective content, I want to take my time with Far Cry 5 and see the end of its campaign, not to mention more of what else it has to offer, before putting an official opinion to digitized paper. This includes going hands-on with the multiplayer part of its Arcade mode, as it’s been difficult to find anyone online prior to release. Thus, my review will not be published today and will, instead, go live sometime later this week.

Thank you for your patience. Please stay tuned.