The War Machine, Call of Duty: WWII’s second DLC pack, gets a trailer

It was close to a week ago when we first told you about The War Machine, the aptly subtitled second wave of Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer add-ons. Now, we have a trailer to share, and it provides a decent first look at the maps that comprise it.

Things begin in Dunkirk, where a Ferris wheel watches bullet and explosion filled multiplayer combat from afar. Then, it’s off to a Nazi explosives factory, before setting down on the golden sands of Egypt, where the great pyramids provide a backdrop for simulated war.

Also in this pack, and showcased within this trailer, are a new War Mode operation (Husky), as well as the next chapter in the game’s Nazi Zombies storyline. This includes the new aerial dog fighting mechanic that is being added into Call of Duty: WWII through this add-on.

You can see it all for yourself below this line of text.

There won’t be long to wait for the next major Call of Duty: WWII add-on, so long as you own the shooter on PlayStation 4. The War Machine will hit that version of the game first, and will do so on April 10th, as part of the title’s season pass.