Mulaka sends a ‘Thank You’ to the community

From the get go, Mulaka was a passion project from a small Mexican studio named Lienzo. Their efforts, and love for the subject matter, ended up resulting in a game that has been pretty well received and has reviewed rather well also. As such, the team has decided to send a thank you out to the community, in the form of a new trailer that also doubles as an accolades video.

“A spotlight is put on the community with this new trailer as all of the positive reception achieved among the press wouldn’t be possible without the constant support of players everywhere. Mulaka’s Thank You Trailer shows the wide diversity of the game’s landscapes and scenery, all of them based on real locations in northern Mexico, ranging from deserts and towns to forests, caves, and even sinister places.”

Mulaka was released on February 27th, and is currently available for all three major consoles, as well as Windows PC.