The time of year is almost upon us: when the world’s gaming and entertainment media descend upon Los Angeles, California to play witness to the unveiling of the next few years of gaming. To see games that haven’t been announced yet. To play games that may still be years away from release.

And we’re lucky enough to be going. Again.

In addition to our coverage throughout the show, we’ll have our two bad-ass correspondents Chad and Brent reporting live on events throughout the week.

We’re arriving in Los Angeles a day earlier than usual to make sure we’re prepped and ready to go for the week’s festivities. As more and more press conferences and events are happening earlier in the week, it’s important that we are able to bring you live coverage from all of them. EA PLAY kicks off the week on Saturday, June 9th, with nearly three days of hands-on content, gaming, and entertainment!

Last year, Microsoft joined Bethesda by moving their conference to Sunday, and will be doing so again this year. The publishers will host their events at 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM Pacific Time, respectively.

Ubisoft has announced their conference for Monday, June 11th at 1:00 PM, and Sony usually rounds out Monday evening around 6:00 PM, though they have not made their official announcement just yet.

Nintendo is the Tuesday morning holdout, hosting their online pre-recorded presentation around 9:00 AM on the 12th, the same day the expo floor opens to the press and the public.

This year, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has modified the long-standing schedule of E3 to better accommodate industry professionals and media. Since partially opening the show to the public last year, feedback from media was that it became very difficult to get the coverage needed from various presenters compared with years previous. The ESA has since made it so that the show floor opens three hours earlier than the public Gamer Pass to alleviate this concern. How will it work out? Hopefully pretty well! We’ll let you know.

As usual, we’ll host our full predictions closer to the show; expect our full rundown of what we’re looking forward to (and what we don’t think has even a chance at happening) soon! Until then, keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest from Eggplante and E3 2018!

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